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Grocery Shopping — Save by Sticking to the List

It can be really easy to spend too much money at the grocery store. With so many tasty and healthy food options for you to buy and try and with so many things that you probably need, it can be easy to fill up your cart very quickly. This is also a good way to spend way more money than you can afford to spend at the grocery store, however, so you could be wondering how you can cut down on your grocery-related Continue reading ‘Grocery Shopping — Save by Sticking to the List’

Easy Ways to Earn Extra Income

If you are like most people, the idea of making extra income in addition to your regular job is a very attractive prospect. Whether you are saving up for a big purchase or just need a few extra dollars to pay the bills every month, here are a few easy ways to earn extra income.

If you don’t mind having graphics and decals on your car, sign up for one of the various vehicle advertising programs available. These Continue reading ‘Easy Ways to Earn Extra Income’

How to Have an Emergency Fund When You’re Paying Down Debt

While it can seem as if paying off debt is a big priority, it is important to make sure that you have a stash of cash that can be used to pay for unexpected expenses. This means putting some of your money into savings instead of using it to directly pay off your debt.

While there are several ways to do this, one of the easiest is to open a savings account and deposit a small amount of money each paycheck. If your paychecks Continue reading ‘How to Have an Emergency Fund When You’re Paying Down Debt’

The Basics: Earn More than You Spend

Most everyone has made a frivolous “must have it” purchase, and with the advent of credit cards, the object of your affection is easier than placing some Ben Franklin bills on the counter. It’s the old axiom: “buy now-pay later” syndrome that often leads to debt overload and bankruptcy. So, why don’t we enter the “house of common sense”
and see what we can find that might help you avoid the minefields of everyday life, and start thinking responsibly. The basic rule is if you spend more than you earn, or even an equal amount, their Continue reading ‘The Basics: Earn More than You Spend’

IRAs — Be Ready for Your Retirement

One of the most important things that people have to worry about is having enough money to support a comfortable lifestyle during their retirement years. A lot of people look forward to the day that they can stop working, and spend more time doing the things that they actually enjoy. Unfortunately a lot of people never get to enjoy this time in their lives because they haven’t properly prepared for their post retirement years.

There are a number of things that people can do to prepare themselves for the future, but many people have discovered the benefits of IRAs. IRAs Continue reading ‘IRAs — Be Ready for Your Retirement’

Don’t Pay the Bank — Have it Pay You

With all of the changes happening in the banking industry, sometimes it is hard to keep up with how exactly they will affect you. One of the changes that is affecting many people is the disappearance of free checking accounts as banks begin to impose various fees on their customers. There are still options available so that not only do you not have to pay the bank to use your own money, you can actually have the bank pay you!

Online Banking
Online banks offer free checking and savings accounts and Continue reading ‘Don’t Pay the Bank — Have it Pay You’

Make Rewards Credit Cards Work for You

Taking advantage of the existing rewards on your credit cards can sometimes seem like a daunting task with all the catch .22′s that have been seen in the industry. There always seems to be something hidden in the fine print, and figuring out what that is can be quite difficult for some from time to time. There needs to be a good deal of effort made to understand how you earn that cash back, frequent flyer miles, or other incentives. And this effort needs to be made without taking a loss by way of some missed Continue reading ‘Make Rewards Credit Cards Work for You’

Sneaky Ways You’re Losing Money

You’ve been saving money at home every way you can think ofyou’re buying in bulk, looking into Texas Electric companies for the best rates and have even cancelled your magazines. But did you know there are a few ways you’re bleeding money and didn’t even know it? Explore with us below:
Small Interest Rates: Even if you got in your credit card when interest was low, avoid paying it at all costs. If you can, pay off your balance each and every month to ensure you aren’t paying for an intangible like interest.
Electricity Costs: Bet you didn’t know that electronics that are off but plugged in still eat up about 25 of your electricity. If you’ve got a toaster oven or a lamp that you don’t use often unplug it to save on draining energy costs.
Unused Food: Americans throw out about 25 of the food they buy and this can be costly. Invest in things that can be frozen and consider frozen produce – it’s often cheaper and just as nutritious as fresh and it lasts far longer.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Asset Location

Why should you pay attention to asset location? Well, because location is everything. The reality is that the location of your asset can make or break you. At the end of the day it is all about location, location, and location.

The reason that location is so important is because the area will determine the property value. It will also help to determine your clientele. By the very nature of some areas you rule out potential buyers, investors, customers, or clients depending on the real estate in question.

It is advisable to research the asset location before you invest in Continue reading ‘Why You Should Pay Attention to Asset Location’

Five Frugal Steps Everyone Should Take

One of today’s new watch words is “Frugal:” the art of saving money, time, things. In essence, frugality makes the most of everything you have. There are five basic steps, though, that the average person can take, without sacrificing too much. Think of them as baby steps toward full-blown frugality. They’ll help you save money on necessities, and help you plan for what you really want!

Watch Your Utilities. Turn the heat (and air conditioning) down; even a few degrees difference saves on your energy bill. (Turn lights and/or appliances off when you Continue reading ‘Five Frugal Steps Everyone Should Take’